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Chilly Ring Premiere, Weekend Warm-Up

Chilly Ring Premiere, Weekend Warm-Up

Sophomores waiting in line for the Class of 2011 Ring Premiere tonight will have to endure cold temperatures as the chilly weather the region has experienced this week continues. While continued high pressure will present clear, sunny skies, the high temperature this afternoon will reach only the mid 20s˚F and proceed to fall to around 16˚F overnight. However, a relative improvement in conditions can be expected over the weekend, as sunny skies will persist with temperatures rising steadily through Saturday and Sunday. Highs in the low to mid 40s˚F can be expected for Saturday, while Sunday could see highs nearing 50˚F. Don’t get too comfortable, however, as temperatures will drop below freezing once again when school resumes on Monday.

All in all, these temperatures constitute typical Boston weather for this time of year, as average highs are in the high 30s˚F while average lows are in the low 20s˚F at this point in February. However, the break from wintry precipitation should be enjoyed, as February is on average the snowiest month of the year. 31 years ago today, Boston was struck by the Blizzard of 1978, which carried hurricane-force winds and dumped over 27 inches of snow on the region, halting automobile traffic and forcing MIT to cancel classes. Don’t expect anything of that magnitude in the near future, however, as the next few days will be relatively calm.

Extended Forecast

Today: Sunny, High 25˚F (-4˚C)

Tonight: Clear, Low 16˚F (-9˚C)

Saturday: Sunny, High 43˚F (6˚C)

Sunday: Sunny, Highs in the high 40s˚F (9˚C)

Monday: A chance of showers, Highs in the low 30s˚F (0˚C)