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A Wet and Windy Weekend

A Wet and Windy Weekend

So far this week, we have seen a departure from the sunny, enjoyable autumn weather of early October for cloudy skies and chillier temperatures. This weather has been more reminiscent of late November than mid-October, but those looking for a reprieve will have to endure a few more days of cold. In fact, a bit of storminess will be added to the equation, as two low pressure systems will bring wind and rain to the Boston area over the weekend.

The first of the two storms affecting our weather is a Nor’easter passing to our East off the Atlantic coast on Friday. This storm will bring periods of rain coupled with strong winds, which could blow leaves off of trees and create poor drainage flooding in urban areas. While the worst conditions of the weekend will likely occur on Friday, a second storm is likely to impact New England toward the end of the weekend, bringing continued wind and rain to the area through Monday.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Remaining rainy and breezy, Low 39°F (4°C).

Tomorrow: Breezy with a chance of rain, High 50°F (10°C). NE winds 12-20 mph.

Sunday: Rain likely, Highs in the high 40s °F (9°C).

Monday: Rain possible, Highs in the high 40s °F (9°C).