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Halloween gives MIT a chi-i-i-i-illing weekend

Going out for Halloween festivities this weekend? Bring a jacket, as temperatures will dip into the low 40s (°F) each night.

The recent pattern of unusually warm temperatures will come to an end this weekend, as a cold front will cause temperatures to drop sharply to more seasonable levels. The cold front is part of the large cyclonic storm system that brought severe weather, wind damage, and even snow to the midwest earlier this week. While our area will not experience such extreme weather, the result of the frontal passage will be a sharp contrast from yesterday’s balmy, 75-degree day to crisp, cool, and breezy conditions today.

While temperatures will be noticeably lower this weekend, there is little chance for precipitation, as sunshine will be present for at least part of each day, and daytime temperatures will remain in the mid 50s (°F).