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Winter is coming

The next few days will see a steady decline in temperatures as the month of November gets off to a relatively chilly start. While five of the last seven days of October saw high temperatures warmer than their normal values in Boston, a change in the weather pattern will bring below-normal temperatures for the week ahead.

First, a cold front will sweep through our area this afternoon, kicking off a shower or two as it passes. Overnight temperatures will drop into the upper 30s °F in its wake. High temperatures will reach the lower 50s °F for the next two days; however, as a low pressure system moves off the coast and stays to our east, breezy northwest winds will bring cold Arctic air over New England. This pattern will persist at least through the beginning of next week, causing high temperatures to plunge into the 40s °F.

There is a good chance that the temperature may drop below freezing on Sunday night. While we won’t see snow or extreme cold temperatures, it may finally be time to dig the winter coat out of the closet.