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High pressure takes hold; sunshine in store

The cold front that brought yesterday’s morning showers has departed to our east, and in its wake has come a strong high pressure system that will take control of our weather for the remainder of the week. This broad anticyclone is poised to remain over the Northeastern United States at least through Friday, resulting in calm, clear weather throughout the region. Sunshine is in store for each of the next few days, and relatively light winds will make the seasonable fall temperatures particularly enjoyable.

Temperatures will be a touch on the cool side this afternoon, as cold air continues to spill in from the north in the wake of yesterday’s cold front. The winds will die down during the afternoon and evening; however, temperatures will continue to plummet overnight as the combination of clear skies and calm winds allows the surface to cool by radiating heat away to space. For the rest of the week, though, expect enjoyable, seasonal weather, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s (°F).