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Windy Wednesday could cause travel trouble

A strong cyclonic storm will have a big impact on this week’s weather in the Northeast. The storm, which as of last night was currently forming in the Gulf of Mexico, will bring high winds and heavy rains into New England beginning tonight. Although earlier forecasts had included the possibility of a travel-crippling snowstorm for this system, it is now apparent that there will be enough warm air advected ahead of the Nor’easter to keep the precipitation in the form of rain for each of the major cities in the Northeast Corridor. Still, the storm could pose problems for those traveling home for the Thanksgiving holiday, as winds on Wednesday are expected to exceed 30 mph, with gusts upwards of 50 mph possible in the afternoon. These potentially dangerous conditions had prompted the National Weather Service to issue a High Wind Watch for much of Southern New England at the time of this publication.

Winds will remain breezy on Thanksgiving day after the storm passes, but sunshine will return for the weekend. A high pressure system will move in for Friday and Saturday, resulting in clearing skies, calming winds, and below-normal temperatures.