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Summer to make comeback after cool weekend

As summer comes to a close, the second half of August has been a bit cooler than usual so far at the Institute. While normal high temperatures for this time of year are around 80°F (27°C), temperatures observed at Logan Airport in Boston have not exceeded 80°F since Aug. 17. This trend of cool weather will continue into the weekend, as a weak low pressure system passes over New England. This system will bring cloudy skies, scattered rain showers, and a steady easterly breeze, which will blow cooler ocean air over the the coastal land region.

Starting next week, however, the Boston area will see a return to summerlike weather, as a broad high pressure system takes hold over the northeastern United States. The presence of high pressure will result in clear skies and calm or light offshore breezes. These conditions will result in a warm-up, with high temperatures returning to the upper 70s and low 80s (°F). Combined with abundant sunshine, these temperatures will allow for one more taste of summer before the fall semester begins.