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It’s always sunny at the Institute

Sunshine and light winds are expected to continue this week as strong high pressure is poised to dominate the northeastern United States. A broad high pressure system currently centered over the Ohio Valley will merge today with a secondary high currently located over eastern Canada. The combined high will move over New England tomorrow, bringing clear skies and calm winds to the region. Light southwesterly flow may prevent a sea breeze from developing this afternoon, keeping temperatures a few degrees warmer than they will be tomorrow. A coastal storm will have a chance of glancing the Massachusetts coastline on Thursday, but current indications do not appear favorable for the storm to make it this far north.

After the brief passage of the possible coastal storm, another high pressure system will move over the eastern United States in association with an upper-level ridge.

This pattern could lead to a brief late-season heat wave with temperatures potentially nearing 80°F (27°C) this weekend.