Campus Life by the numbers

11 signs that the end is in sight

If you’re starting to feel that the semester should be over already, you aren’t alone

It’s May, which means we’re entering the last month of school. It feels like this one might be the longest one yet. But fear not! Here are 11 signs that we’re almost there:

  1. The weather is consistently over 60, sunny, and not windy. That’s summer, right?

  2. Harvard kids are starting finals.

  3. Your friends at other schools are making summer plans that you can’t participate in because you’ll still be taking exams.

  4. The sophomores have their brass rats — they’re halfway done!

  5. People are asking about your summer plans.

  6. You’re starting to wonder if your notebook has enough pages to last until the final lecture.

  7. Piazza is flooding with questions like “Is the last pset dropped?” “What are final grade cutoffs?” and “Do you need to pass the final to pass the class?”

  8. Pre-registration opened this week.

  9. You’re locked in a battle between your increasing burnout and the need to finish your final projects.

  10. Kids are arriving to class later day by day. (You’re also sleeping in more often than you should.)

  11. Your dorm finalized rooming selections for next semester.