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September returns to normal

The beginning of September has seen abnormally scorching temperatures at the Institute this year. Three days above 90°F (32°C) have contributed to September being the warmest month of the year so far in Boston. However, the cold front that sent a series of severe thunderstorms over Massachusetts on Saturday afternoon also ushered in a regime of more seasonable weather, and the observed high and low temperatures on each of the last two days have each been within 4°F of their climatological normals.

This weather pattern will continue over the next few days as a strong high pressure system slowly slips away to the Northeast, resulting in mostly sunny skies and a moderate easterly breeze. The easterly nature of this wind will allow the relatively cool ocean to moderate air temperatures in coastal regions, resulting in high temperatures right around 70°F (21°C) for today and tomorrow.

Things will warm up slightly for Thursday as the easterly breeze dies down in advance of an approaching cold front, which will likely bring our next round of showers and thunderstorms on either Thursday night or Friday.