Advertising policies


Display advertising canceled after deadline may, at the discretion of the Advertising Manager, be subject to full charge. Canceled advertisements also may be subject to a nominal service charge to cover composition and handling costs.


Copy deadlines are on a Tuesday-Thursday system. All copy must be received by 4:30 P.M. (EST/EDT) three business days before the issue run date. All advertisements must be accompanied by an email including size, run date(s), billing information, and contact information.

Editorial Rights

No conditions, printed or otherwise, that conflict with the The Tech's policies will be binding on The Tech. All advertising is subject to acceptance by The Tech, which reserves the right to reject copy at its sole discretion. All advertisements must be clearly identified by a trademark, or the words "Advertisement paid for by [advertiser]" may be added. All advertisements designed by The Tech are the property of The Tech and may not be reprinted without permission.


The Tech assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements but will correct and reprint any advertisement whose value has been affected by such errors. All corrections must be received three business days before the next insertion or the advertisement will be subject to a late fee. The Tech will make all reasonable efforts to see that advertising is published as accepted, but The Tech will not be responsible for any consequential damages resulting from failure to do so. The Tech reserves the right to revise its advertising rates and other specifications set forth in this ratecard at any time without prior notice.

Tear Sheets

Tear sheets are mailed on request within one week of publication. Requests for additional tearsheets may incur a surcharge. PDF copies of all of our issues are available on our website; these match exactly the print issues except for the removal of certain syndicated content for which The Tech does not have online distribution rights.


The Tech reserves the right at any time to request payment in advance or to cancel credit privileges at any time. Invoices are mailed within a week of publication. Payment in full is due 30 days from the invoice date. If payment is not made in accordance with The Tech's credit terms, The Tech may refuse to insert any further advertisements. Late payment may be subject to a surcharge. Payment may only be made in check form (made out to “The Tech”) for the time being. Payments made by an MIT department or student group may be rendered through transfer of funds between MIT accounts.

ASA Groups

ASA-recognized groups receive 80 column-inches (1 page) of free black and white advertising space in The Tech per academic year. This space may be divided as desired into up to 8 separate ads. Due to constraints in the layout of the paper, free advertisements may be subject to shrinking, postponement, or cancellation, but for the most part free student group advertisements run as originally placed.. Once the 80 column-inch limit is reached, a club’s cost object will be charged with MIT advertiser rates. Only black and white ads are free and count towards the allotted space; color, special placement, and other requests will be charged using MIT advertiser rates. A free advertisement is not guaranteed to print. In the case that a Tech issue has a lot of content, articles and paid advertising space receive priority to be printed over free ads. Color, typesetting, and late surcharges are extra and are not covered by the free advertising service. Ads that are free of charge will carry the text “This space donated by The Tech.”